Senior Relocation

Downsizing decades of accumulated belongings can be a daunting task before, during, and after the move.  Relax knowing that Clearing a Path will help make the new place feel like home from the moment you walk in the door and everything is in its place.  We even make the beds and can stock your favorite snacks in the fridge!




Clearing A Path will:

  • listen to what is most important to you
  • guide the process from start to finish
  • sort, categorize, and organize belongings
  • carefully pack and unpack
  • photo inventory belongings (a plus for insurance!)
  • create a floor plan design for the new location

Clearing a Path’s Senior Relocation Services can help with all aspects of this potentially traumatic life event, especially if children live in another city or work and family obligations prevent family from helping as they may want.


Don’t know where to begin?

Clearing A Path owner, Shoshana Harper does!  She’s helped her own parents and others.  Changes can be tough, we can individualize the process for a smooth transition.


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