Why Let Yourself Get Bogged Down in the Clutter?
Let's "Clear a Path" so you can spend more time on the things in life that are important to YOU!
Quite simply, we provide the BEST organizational services in Central Indiana.
About Us

Shoshana Harper has 10+ years experience juggling a wide array of activities as a former Director of University Ceremonies at Indiana University. There she learned the importance of organization, and, the inspiration for Clearing a Path was born.  As a new mom, Shoshana realized how many parents were overwhelmed.  She helped create systems so families could stay organized and enjoy each other.

Shoshana helps busy individuals, families, and small business create the space and time to devote to the things they love.

When not Clearing a Path, Shoshana LOVES to travel and, in the evenings, create works of art with acrylic paints and found objects in her home studio.

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Why Organize Now?

Feeling Trapped?

Isn’t it time to unclutter your life so you have room for what you love?



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Idea Gallery

Chances are, you’ve gotten so used to the clutter, you don’t see it anymore. But you FEEL it, around you, every day. Do any of these ring a bell? If so, give us a call and we can do a walk-through on all the areas of your home or office that could be cluttering your head, as well as your space!


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